NK 訳丸 1.0b4 (Mac OS X Dashboard Widget) & 0.1a3 (YWE widget)

NK 訳丸 1.0b4 Dashboard Widget

由於最近剛升級到 Mac OS X 10.5,昨天剛好要翻譯日文網頁,卻發現 NK 訳丸這個 widget 無法動作了,後來去 eXcite! Japan 看了一下,原來他們又更新了網頁,還好幅度不大,又稍微改了一下,也把 Yahoo! Widget Engine 版的也改了一下。這次改的程式希望可以一勞永逸,不會因為常常他們稍微小改就要幫這個 widget 改版,希望如此~ 如果您還有在用這個 widget,麻煩請下載這個版本才能正常動作喔!

Yesterday I tried to use NK Wakemaru Widget to translate Japanese text, but it failed. So today I spent some time to investigate what the problem is and fixed it. Fortunately, eXcite! Japan just made some minor update for their Chinese-Japanese translator website, so it took me about 1 hour to update and test the parser code. The new parser code, hopefully, may resolve the "web page minor update" issue in longer term. Please download this latest version to make it work for you, again.

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