NK 訳丸 1.0b3 (Mac OS X Dashboard Widget) & 0.1a2 (YWE widget)

[Dashboard Widget] NK Wakemaru 1.0b3 - Front

最近有一些網友反應,提供中日雙向翻譯的 NK 訳丸無論是 Mac OS X Dashboard 版與適用於 Mac 與 Windows 環境下的 YWE widget 都不能使用了,所以我花了點時間修改程式並進行測試,還好所需工程並不大,只需改幾行就可以了,現在兩個版本皆已更新,如果您有使用這個 widget,請務必更新至新的版本。

Recently I got some feedback from the users of NK Wakemaru widget, they reported Both Dashboard and Yahoo! Widget Engine versions no longer work for them, so I spent some time to investigate this issue and fixed it today. Both versions have been updated accordingly, so please download the latest version to have this widget functioning properly for you.

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